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Thinking Edge's Company Overview


You get more than a sales training company

Imagine a game where you get to trade $10 for $100. How often would you play? Even if you didn’t have ten bucks, you would go find it somewhere.

So why isn’t the same thing true in sales?

When your sales team has done their homework and proven their value, why don’t they always win?

Why do prospects ever choose to do nothing when they agreed that $1M invested with you would save them $10M?

You lose millions, while your prospects, who should have bought, lose much, much more. Why?

New Answers

We sought answers. Along the way we found answers to other questions:

  • Why is technology boring and confusing?
  • How can someone selling Oracle look and sound the same as a person selling EMC?
  • Why don’t your friends and family really understand what you do for a living?
  • Why is selling technology harder today?
  • Would anyone notice if you put your logo on your competitor’s PowerPoint?
  • Why aren’t salespeople calling on CxO and VP level business executives?

Understanding why these things happen to you is the first step to discovering something much more valuable—how to change your outcomes.

You've heard the definition of insanity—doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Today our clients are taking a different approach and obtaining very different results, and they tell us they’re getting $50 for every $1 invested with us.

For more information about our methods, pay per performance consulting and workshops, contact Thinking Edge at 281.789.7494 for more information about our workshops or e-mail us at:







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