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Sales Training Client Testimonials
George Clark, Candle Corporation
"We discovered how to capture all of our clients’ mind share while competitors leave 90% to chance. We win more and we know why we win. We closed $3.7 Million in the first 4 months 
after the workshop using these new methods for creating buyer decision frames.

"It is harder than ever to get and hold on to executives’ attention in this economy. With Thinking Edge we were able to break through to business people. Not only do they remember us, they’re talking about us long after we’ve met. Today we’re planting idea viruses with all our prospects. The difference is they’re buying almost a hard as we’re selling."

"We’re knocking out Goliath, multibillion-dollar competitors - Thinking Edge is our sling." Lance Cook, CEO Enventure Global Technologies

As the new kid on the block Enventure had two problems. No one knew who they were and everyone knew their biggest competitors. All of that changed with one trip to New York.

Scheduled for a series of 20-30 minute analyst meetings, Lance worked with Thinking Edge to prepare a very different presentation.

At the request of the analysts every meeting was extended to over two hours. The best part is the analysts couldn’t get enough. Instead of trying to push information down their throats Lance and his team discovered how to create curiosity.

After the meetings they were even invited to attend additional analyst meetings with their competitors where over 75% of every conversation was focused on Enventure. Now Enventure has name recognition in its industry and the sales to back it up.



Mark Rivenbark - Halliburton
"It’s not Monopoly money you’re burning. Every sales call costs us at least $500. Before Thinking Edge most were completely wasted. Not anymore.

"If you’ve ever ask a kid – what did you learn in school today? – You’ve probably seen some blank expressions.

But watch them light up when you ask – how was the movie?

George Lucas and Disney don’t have magical powers, but they do communicate ideas more effectively than most schoolrooms.

Which can you count on one hand – your favorite movies or your favorite sales presentations? Most of our sales meetings felt like Calculus 101 for customers. They were there, but rather be anywhere else.

It is different today. We’re not burning money – we’re making it.

A colleague put it best when he said, "We used to fill our prospects with facts - Now we fill them with curiosity and that has made all the difference."

Instead of subjecting prospects to tedious, two-hour brain-numbing PowerPoint and demo ordeals; we’re able to get our points across and prove them in minutes in a way that is 100x more compelling. The difference is we’re done in 30 minutes, but the client won’t let us leave for two hours.

Instead of remembering nothing like the kid home from school, prospects are telling other stakeholders about us with the same enthusiasm as the kid who just saw Star Wars.

Not only are clients buying in to our ideas sooner, they’re sponsoring them and working as hard to buy as we do to sell.

Selling is a different game when you know how to get prospects to passionately see things your way. The first time I got to experience this phenomenon was right after the workshop when we infected our largest customer with ideas that completely changed their thinking.

The result was a sole source order – something they never do. The amount was $200 Million. That’s $140 Million more than we forecast and $140 Million less for our top two competitors.


A different approach to sales

Which one got your attention?

Recently the CFO of a Fortune 100 company shared his feelings about technology companies,

"They all sound the same, it’s like they’re reading from the same script!"

Maybe your salespeople are trying to meet him. Two dozen try each week. None get in the door.

If you’ve trained your salespeople in consultative or solution selling practices, but they’re still trapped inside IT departments, you’re not alone.

Almost every technology company shares this fate, but you can escape it.

Our client’s have discovered how to grab and hang on to business executives’ attention while moving them to act on problems previously sequestered in IT.

Over 1,000 professionals from Oracle, Halliburton, EDS, Candle, TIBCO and other technology leaders are achieving different results by taking a different approach.

Robert Burns said, "Originality is not so valuable for its creativity as for its sincerity."

Your prospects and clients appreciate this refreshing new approach and the sincerity it conveys. Your team will stand in stark contrast to boring look alike – sound alike competitors who are conveying the height of insincerity.

Emerson said, " Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result." If you’re ready for different results, contact us today.


Uncommon results for Field Marketing

"Change the logo on the PowerPoint and I’ve seen this presentation before – hundreds of times!

It’s like you’re caught in a déjà vu time loop from the Twilight Zone doomed to repeat the same meeting over and over" CIO Fortune 500 Company.

The salespeople in these meetings share this complaint, but with a different twist…

"Didn’t we cover this before? How many times do we have to have this same meeting before the prospect gets it?"

How can millions of meetings look and sound so similar yet convey so little? Prospects and salespeople are both banging their heads against conference room tables across the country. Meetings are tedious and frustrating accomplishing little.

"If everyone is thinking the same, No one is thinking!" General George Patton

But several companies are breaking out of the Twilight Zone and achieving new sales results with a refreshingly different approach that clients appreciate.

In one example a $300 Million NASDAQ company achieved unmatched new revenues from application during the first quarter of it’s launch. The difference catapulted the company above it’s Q4 revenue target, which had been in jeopardy.

You will discover how to create and deliver clear, compelling idea viruses that are picked up by business executives, amplified and spread to differentiate your company while accelerating buy in and action from prospects.

In the process you’ll find that your stakeholders including prospects, clients, salespeople and analysts finally get it – they understand and believe in your positioning. Are you will see them moving your ideas forward faster and less expensively







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