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creative selling services

Thinking Edge Sales Management Processes

Sales Training Workshops - what we offer

At Thinking Edge, we don't provide you with "canned" sales presentations. We teach you to think creatively from the time you receive your first objection to the time you close your sale. We'll teach you dynamic sales-closing proficiencies that covers:
  • Attention-Interest-Learn-Decide cycles
  • Heading your message in front of clients
  • Positioning your value
  • Building your road map
  • Face of selling
  • Creating and managing e-Markers™
  • The memory zone
  • Pathways to the Brain
  • Selling your differences
  • Objection Inoculation
  • Message Matrix
  • Digital story telling
  • Making of an experience
  • Brain-to-Brain communication
  • Decision traps
  • Closing for action

Our Sales Training Quality
Scripts and canned role-plays of imaginary customer situations are NOT used. Executives are fed up with scripts; they make you sound like everyone else and they're the height of insincerity. You can teach a 12 year old canned role-plays. If selling were that simple, anyone and everyone would do it.

Thinking Edge Creative Selling Coaching
Throughout the workshop day, your employees will receive immediate feedback and coaching as they apply what they have learned to their individual sales situations. Each employee will also deliver their new ideas to the Thinking Edge instructor and their peers while being videotaped every day. This step ensures everyone masters the concepts taught.

Sales Training Consultant Services
How many presentations did you watch last year? How many did you remember? Meetings happen. Minutes later, everyone, except the presenter, has forgotten everything?

Using our consultancy, your sales team can change their results and your market.  Rather then be forgotten, your ideas will be remembered, discussed and amplified through your marketplace. 

Using our trademarked creation process, you team will create high impact ideas that move people forward emotionally and logically.

Results include faster executive buy-in, fewer objections and earlier market penetration.

For more information, call 281.789.7494 or email 





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