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Sales Training Workshops
Scripts and canned role-plays of imaginary customer situations are not used. Executives don't respond to scripts; you don't want to sound like everyone else.

Exercises are focused on specific real life situations facing your sales team. During the workshop your staff will be coached as they apply new methods to current sales and prospecting situations.  These exercises are proven to move real business forward while transforming new knowledge. 

"Most workshops are great, but nothing changes back in the field.  Thinking Edge is different.  The concepts are so powerful and the results are so dramatic you can't go back to the old stale ways." Bill Moroz, Sybase

Thinking Edge Sales Training Seminars
(interactive 2-day workshop)

How many meetings did you sit through last year? How many do you remember?  Most people forget almost everything 15 minutes later. 

You team will create compelling, contagious idea viruses in your Thinking Edge workshop.

You won’t be forgotten; your ideas will be remembered, discussed, amplified and sponsored.

Using Thinking Edge’s trademarked creation process, you will discover how to create and deliver high impact ideas that move clients forward emotionally and logically to act sooner.

You will achieve faster executive buy-in and action.

Key concepts covered include:  

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  • Attention
  • Message Headline
  • Interest & Memory


  • Creating & Managing Decision-Frames
  • Accelerated Proof
  • Decision Traps
  • Closing for Action

You won’t look and sound like everyone else claiming the same things like this:

"...delivering flexible, scaleable, comprehensive integrated, enterprise-wide solutions that enhance ROI…"

You're team will stop doing the same things and they will get different results.

Our Sales Training Clients:
Join our clients who are achieving different results… Your prospects will get it, remember it and even want it. The difference: your prospects will work as hard to buy it as you do to sell it.

Advanced 2-day Interactive Sales Workshop
                      (12 student maximum – 6 student minimum)

sales training workshops united statesFour months and 2,500 miles off course from an easy three-hour 22-mile Long Beach to Catalina Island jaunt.

Battered and broken sailboat belonging to 62 year old Richard Van Pham was rescued near Costa Rica.

US Navy Capt. Terry Bragg said he had never heard a survival story like Pham's.

"It's a three-hour cruise gone bad," Bragg said. "It's like a cross between 'Gilligan's Island' and 'Robinson Carusoe.' "

Most sales are as hopelessly lost as Mr. Pham. What should be a simple and short transaction ends up taking many months and drifting father from the goal. It doesn’t have to be this way.

"Using this fresh approach we generated over $7 million in new business." Steve Bourgeois Sr. Director, ATT

Sales Training Workshop Objectives

classroom training IT skills1. Resuscitate your right-brain creative thinking to open new doors in old accounts.

2. Find the missing persons in your accounts and the missing links in your value and proof.

3. Discover outside-the-box profits and risks

4. Create a complete and compelling decision frame for your prospects.

5. Complete your prospect conversations with effectively designed questions.

6. Break the rules that hold most salespeople back.

Sales Training Workshop Results

You will be the one turning on the lights, but your prospects will feel they were the ones who’ve discovered your value. Your solution becomes their idea.

"People are best convinced by reasons they, themselves discover" Benjamin Franklin.

When you lead your prospects this way they will work as hard to buy as you work to sell. These are the field-ready skills you’ll master and apply.


"Before Thinking Edge our spouses didn’t even know what we did - how could prospects?

It is amazing how fast people buy into your ideas when they’re worth remembering." - Oracle

"We used to fill people with facts. Now we fill them with curiosity. That has made all the difference." - Halliburton



"We closed several large opportunities that had been stuck for months, using this new approach." - EDS



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